Richard Mishaan Design – Grand Touch Of Class

Richard Mishaan Design can be described as a grand touch of class. The firm has become one of the most attended for a high-quality Architectural and the Interior design piece of work in the New York. Richard Mishaan Design is widely recognized for luxury interiors that are well mixed with the vintage pieces. Also, you can get decorative objects and curated antiques with clear colors and designs in the company’s portfolio. Since Mishaan has been systematically highlighted in several publications from the Architectural Digest, Interior Design Magazines to Elle Décor, it is not surprising that his company is the most dependable choice for a lovely house creation.


Having been bred and Born in Cartagena, Columbia and partially brought up in Italy and Bogota, Richard Mishaan accredits his inspiration and style from his childhood memories of the colored cities of Colombia. He started his career by training in the Philip Johnson offices after acquiring a BA from the New York University and the Columbia University School of Architecture.


The presidential room of the St. Regis building Hotel was his first interior job in the New York City. He was assigned to design the interior suite to reflect its class, a task that he did to perfection. Since then, Richard Mishaan’s profession has been rising. He has been well suited for home design and hotels.


Richard Mishaan Design is linked to the most interior work such as the Trump World Towers and the Shelburne Hotel. Mishaan’s sharp eye for particulars, combined with more than 25 years of knowledge accumulation enables Richard Mishaan Design to be an authentic company for the innovation of advanced, stylish and elegant hotel and interior home designs.


Richard Mishaan has written two books, which include the Artfully Modern and the Modern Luxury. Both of them are issued by the Monacelli Press, a Random House division. The Artfully Modern was published in November 2014.

Adam Milstein and The Pro-Israel Meme Competition



The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation began accepting submissions for the worldwide pro-Israel memes competition. What are memes? They are cultural symbols or ideas that are transmitted electronically; they often encompass captioned photos that are intended to be funny or bring awareness to certain causes or human behavior. Adam Milstein is the co-founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, which is an organization well-regarded for their philanthropic contributions; these contributions have been spearheaded to strengthen US and Israel relationships, the state of Israel, and Jewish people.




The meme competition opened effective July 28th, and voting is slated to begin August 8th; according to, there will be $2,000 in cash prizes awarded for the best pro-Israel meme. The competition ends August 10th, 11:59 PM Eastern Time and winners will be selected on August 14th. This competition is the epitome of cultural pride; the Milstein Family Foundation has partnered with a number of Jewish and Pro-Israel organizations to sponsor this competition. The concept of creating memes to express one’s self is relatively new, but it has grown in popularity; according to Milstein, “the contest is a fun way for creators to express their love and support for Israel with wit and levity.”




So, hopefully, this article has piqued your interest/curiosity and inspired you to showcase your knack for creativity; as previously stated, the competition will run until August 10th, and winners will be selected on August 14th; sign up, and bring attention to a worthy cause. According to, a winner will be chosen by a panel of 6 college and high school pro-Israel activists. The winners of this competition will be formally announced on August 17th. If you’re interested in signing up for this amazing competition, be sure to visit; you will be able to view an example of memes and get additional information, regarding what this competition entails.

Adam Milstein Stands Out as Great Patriot and Influencer of Israel

Adam Milstein was born and brought up in Haifa, Israel. He joined the Israeli Defense Forces in 1971 for his mandatory service. In 1973, he served in the Yom Kippur War. After the war, Adam Milstein went to the Technion and pursued a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business and Economics. While studying, he joined his father and helped him expand their real estate development and construction business. Shortly after his graduation, he left Israel with his wife and went to the United States where Adam furthered his education at the University of Southern California.


Adam Milstein became one of the successful real estate investment managers in Los Angeles. Together with his wife, they launched the Adam and Giga Milstein Family Foundation to offer philanthropic services to organizations that purpose to strengthen the State of Israel, the Jewish people, as well as the United States-Israel relationship.


Adam Milstein is revolutionizing philanthropy through His foundation. Together with the staff, they devote time and expertise to all the programs, organizations, and the projects they partner with. His philanthropy goes beyond financial support as he actively incorporates his knowledge and skills to ensure that partner organizations attain a high level of efficiency and influence.


Recently, Adam Milstein posted on The Jerusalem Post, addressing the new antisemitism. Programs targeting Jews have been there since time immemorial. However, they were quite rampant in the 20 century. By then, the Jews were not prepared to fight back, and this led to the destruction of lives and property. After this tragedy, the Jews vowed to battle antisemitism head-on. This was evident when they defeated six fully armed Arab armies in 1948.



According to Adam Milstein, the new antisemitism purposes to delegitimize and demonize the State of Israel and Jewish people in the media, educational institutions, and political arenas. In the post, Adam Milstein explains how the current generation can understand and fight antisemitism tactically using experience. He urges people to forbid antisemitism ideologies and attain the determination and courage to fight back before it is too late.

Doe Deere Morning Routine

When everybody wakes up in the morning, their routine is different, they may have similarities, but everybody’s routine is different. “Surround yourself with who you want to be when you grow up”. When it comes to my morning routine, I wonder what successful people’s morning routines look like, and this article is the best example of a successful morning routine!

The key word in morning routine is routine-doing the same thing on a regular basis around the time time. Doe Deere trains her body to do the same things and to get the same amount of sleep each night! Every night she gets 9 hours of sleep and wakes up at exactly 8:30. She also starts her days by drinking one glass of water to start off her busy days in LA. There’s a lot to do before she arrives at work around 12pm for lunch and meetings lasting until 6pm and the possibility of staying late to work on ideas. Stretches-like her favorite ‘cat/camel’- and eating a healthy breakfast are part of her daily routine. Deere states that she loves her grits and freshly squeezed orange juice from the orange tree she’s grown. Hair and make-up are common parts of every woman’s morning routine, but not everybody makes it as fun and delightful as Deere. Because she showers the night before, her hair is dry and ready for styling by the time she wakes up! She likes to let her creativity and ora flow as she listens to music while doing her makeup, what she announced as her favorite part of the morning. She likes the alone time and feels free during it. Blush and lipstick are her favorite parts of doing her makeup because they are the brightest colors she uses when doing her makeup. She also loves seeing her bright, beautiful purple hair styled in the mornings. She favors certain brands in her morning routine like glossier for her face wash, L’Oreal or MAC foundation, and one of three of her favorite colors from her Lime Crime lip collection. Her favorite part of the morning lasts anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour depending on how much of a hurry she’s in that morning.

Although Deere has a lot to do in the mornings, she makes sure to give her two Persian cats some love. Puffy Fluffles and Chester von Battingham never get left feeling neglected. Deere takes time out of her mornings to pet her cats heads, give them lots of kisses, and telling them how loved they are. Deere states that they’re just so adorable that she can’t stay away!

The calendar on Deere’s phone maps out her whole day, and emails start pouring in when the morning starts. Deere also confesses to regular Instagram visits throughout the day. Although her phone is such an important part of the day, she checks it as little as possible during the morning time. She feels that her morning routine is definitely best without digital distractions.


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