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Robert Deignan is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a place he was born and attended the Purdue University on a full football scholarship until 1995 when he received his bachelor’s degree in Business Management. In 1998, Robert co-founded his first entrepreneurial venture called Fanlink. Several years after graduating, Robert became the Executive Vice President at the iS3 for a period of 9 years. He never left his love for sports behind and still participates in the offshore fishing competitions to date. This is after he co-founded the notable ATS Digital Services and now holds the position of Chief Executive Officer in this company. This company is a one-stop-shop for all the digital and technological concerns, be it connectivity or general purchasing of gadgets, they offer their services remotely to their clients.

Robert has shared some of the tips for maintaining a healthy relationship with the current technology. He says that technology is the main reason why he started the ATS Digital Services, to help consumers with many common tech problems today. He has continued to serve millions of customers with the sophisticated knowledge of remote troubleshooting. This has made the company to grow at a higher rate. Despite the great wonders technology brings about in our lives, it has its downsides too.

Robert urges people to be aware of the effects that come along with being addicted to technology. This way, it will help you take control of your habits in technology and make yourself more productive. The pivotal step that made Robert create his company was making sure he is the one dictating his relationship with the current technology instead of letting it take over.

Robert continues to say that technology changes the way the brain works. This is because of a lot of distractions that comes along with it, including text messages, emails, and different updates. This makes the human brain to pay more attention to new information in a different perspective than when reading. Therefore, one should not stare at their devices all day, but try to get information in other ways, reading included. One needs to take full control of his relationship with technology and do everything in moderation.

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Robert Deignan Dishes advice on the Healthiest ways to create a Healthier Relationship with Technology

Technology has completely revolutionized the way that everyone lives their lives. There is a survey which showed that people who own Smartphones check their social media sites more than 150 times a day. While technology is playing a fantastic role in turning the world into a global village and improving service delivery, it has also become a distraction, and knowing how to handle the problems which come with technology helps you develop your interaction with it. Robert Deignan is the founder and CEO of ATS digital services. He believes that these three simple tips can help everyone create a better relationship with the technology around them.

Avoiding the multiple screens

The first thing that Robert believes in is the fact that numerous screens can easily distract a person. The age and stage where technological advances have reached mean that you can be on your computer watching YouTube and scrolling through your Facebook feed, while at the same time talking on WhatsApp and checking out your Instagram account. When you are aware of these distractions, you take measures to manage them, and your interaction starts improving.

Technology shapes thought processes

Technology appeals to the brain in a manner which is very different from the traditional reading. While it plays a role in expanding your knowledge, you should not pay too much attention to technology, to the extent that it starts shaping your mind in a particular rigid manner. It, therefore, makes more sense to combine the use of technology with actions such as reading, asserts Robert Deignan.

About Robert Deignan

Robert Deignan is a co-founder and CEO at ATS Digital Services LLC. He has been in the world of business entrepreneurship for the past two decades, having graduated with honors from Purdue University. Robert also cofounded Fanlink, Inc. and served as the Executive Vice President at iS3 Incorporated. He is a hardworking, reliable and robust business leader who believes that there is a lot of technology can achieve, but only when applied correctly. His interests include call centers for tech support and charity. He is an exceptional business leader.