The Education The Academy Of Art University Has To Offer

The Academy of Art University is located in San Francisco, California and offers students an array of programs in the art field. This university is well known for crafting the mind of some most legendary artists of this generation. From acting to advertising to communications to visual effects to fashion to graphic design to industrial design to motion pictures, this acclaimed university has so many programs to offer to students. Since 1929, this school has educated and trained so many different creative people. The university allows students to tap into their creative and intellectual abilities at the same time.

Academy of Art University believes their university is for anyone who has passion and commitment to be trained and educated within a creative discipline. They believe that it is not only talent that will help someone succeed. In fact, the school believes that mostly it is hard work that will allow a student to succeed at their school. The school is still primarily ran by the founders’ granddaughter. This family ran institution still prides itself on training up the next great generation of artists who want to inspire and change the world around them.

The campus is set in San Francisco. Being set in a city like San Francisco allows students to embrace the community alongside their education. The education from this university expands pass the borders of the buildings and out into the community of the city. The school offers a professional environment in the classroom. They want their students to understand failure is apart of the process and how failure is apart of ultimately succeeding. Resident halls, studios, sport fields and classrooms allow students to both learn and enjoy campus life and welcoming community of San Francisco. All of these environments work together to provide students an enjoyable educational experience.