The History and Workings of Rocketship Education.

Rocketship Education is a nonprofit of chartered schools that provide the best public elementary level education to underprivileged communities. The Rocketship Program officially started in San Jose in 2006 and have spread to other regions from 2013 when Preston Smith become the CEO after the system was restructured in 2013, and the John Danner, the co-founder of the program. Preston Smith and John Danner founded the program in 2006 with the first school established in San Jose, California, in 2007. With their target as providing an alternative public education to low-income children, the school has expanded quickly and opened additional charter in San Jose and other regions including in Wisconsin in 2013, Nashville’s Tennessee in 2014 and Washington DC in 2016. The demand for good public education and the advanced programs and techniques used by the education system facilitated this rapid growth and expansion. In the same year that Rocketship Education expanded its network to Washington, they offered preschool, where it’s K-5 schools stood, after a partnership with Apple Tree institution.

Funding and Finances.

Being a nonprofit program, Rocketship relies on the good wishes and finds from different organizations to continue their good work. Some of this institutions and individuals include the Tuner -Agassi charter institutes funds, by the former tennis player, Andre Agassi. The tennis pro helped open the Rocketship Rise institute in Washington, the first if it’s kind in DC. Andre Agassi also supports another of Rocketship Education Academy in Nashville. The CEO of Netflix is also a supporter of the program. In 2015, Reed Hasting supported the program with 2 million dollars for their Bay Area expansion. The Obama administration also donated 2 million dollars to the program while the education department, in 2017, grants the Rocketship education program 250 million dollars to continue building schools and institutions. In the same year, the nonprofit education program changed its brand name to Rocketship public schools.

Rocketship utilizes custom-made products and programs in its teaching. Research by the University of Harvard has proven that students that use this programs learn quicker and better than those that don’t. An example of this program is the Dreambox Learning, a K-8 mathematical game.