Affordable Mental Health Treatment with Talkspace and Michael Phelps

The image most typical Americans have of Michael Phelps is probably one of a confident, steady and happy champion. He participated in 4 Olympic games, winning 23 gold medals, and 28 medals overall. Talkspace has teamed up with the champion to promote mental health with a new way to access therapy from industry professionals who are certified in their field.

Michael Phelps is retired from being an Olympic athlete now and has dedicated his time since to the promotion of mental health awareness, among other things. He is the perfect spokesperson for Talkspace and mental health because even though he found an epic and unusual amount of success in his professional sporting life, he struggled much of that time with depression and anxiety. Early on in his struggles, he found it difficult to find the help he needed, but once he started opening up, he found that it is empowering, not embarrassing.

The key is communication, which for some people in this day and age, seems difficult. How will we find the time and money to go to an office to see a therapist? Enter Talkspace, a modern concept in professional mental health treatment. Therapists who work with Talkspace are licensed and vetted, with oversight from industry and academic professionals. Users can message their therapist from their computer, smartphone or tablet. Getting help has never been this affordable or easy to access.

Others are taking notice of the success of Talkspace. New Directions Behavioral Health, a healthcare company which provides services through Employee and Student aid programs with their public and private health plans, has partnered with the company to offer access to Talkspace for their clients.

This adds value to those Fortune 100 companies, employers and labor groups who utilize New Directions Behavioral Health, helping give their customers and clients the easy access to mental health care that Talkspace provides, bringing much-needed care to those who need it.