Madison Street Capital Wins Prestigious M&A Award In 2017

The M&A Advisor, an award-giving body, was glad to bestow the Debt Financing Deal of the Year Award to Madison Street Capital on Nov. 13, 2017. Madison got the much coveted plum for the advice that it has given to WLR Automotive which also led to the successful transaction. David Ferguson of M&A Advisor said that they have been giving awards to leading M&A transactions, dealmakers and companies since 2002. About 650 companies vied for this prestigious award. Fergusson is the President and Co-CEO of M&A Advisor. He added that it gave them great pleasure to give this recognition to Madison, the highest honor it can bestow to firms and professionals of M&A.



In response, CEO Charles Botchway of Madison Street Capital said that being a recipient of the 2017 M&A Advisor Award is a great honor to them. He also thanked WLR Automotive for its part in the transaction and shared the honors with them as well. Botchway also mentioned Barry Peterson for his part in facilitating the transaction. Peterson is the Senior Managing Director of MDS. This award was just one of the three distinctions that Madison got in the event. The company was also listed among the finalist of the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year and the Financials Deal of the Year (below 250 million).



Madison Street Capital is not a commercial bank or a lender but only gives out financial advice to its clients. If a client gets its service, MDS will endeavor to identify various financing opportunities for its clients. Such opportunities could take the form of term loans, secured lending facilities, debt refinancing, syndicated loans, revolving credit facilities, and other types of operational lending or commercial credit facilities. Madison therefore acts as a broker between its client and a commercial bank or a lending institution.



As such, Madison will act as an arranger and facilitator of a financing transaction between two parties. If it is successful in arranging a transaction, the company will be provided with a transaction fee. MSC does not guarantee any financing and it bears no responsibility for the lender’s performance of its part of the transaction. The company does not make representations that the terms given by the lender are the best terms available. The terms agreed on by the two parties are between them only and MSC bears no part in them.



As it is a service company, Madison gives its financial advice, opinions, and consultations regarding mergers and acquisitions with integrity, dedication and excellence. The company provides such quality of service to both private and public institutions, great or small. When their clients ask for their service, they will be assured of greater chances of succeeding in their business transactions.