Jana Messerschmidt

About her life

Jana is a married woman who is blessed with a three-year-old daughter. She hails from San Francisco. Jana underwent her studies at the University of Illinois and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering in 2001. She has a great passion for event hosting, community building, and network diversification.

Her career and role at lightspeed

Mrs. Messerschmidt works both as a member of the consumer investing team at Lightspeed firm, its headquarters based at West Coast, and a partner as well. Lightspeed is a venture firm that looks at the early stage investment in both the technology field as well as the enterprise one.

Aside from that, she is also Angel’s founding partner, and at Netflix, she is the director for business development. It was in 2015 that Jana Lightspeed co-founded Angels, with the aim of getting more women on the tables of very successful startups. Ever since that time, she has supported ambitious people that pursue ideas over many industries which include, RIVAL, CARTA, VECTOR SPACE, BIRD among others.

Being the investor, her portfolio involves consumer, technology, cleantech markets as well as enterprise. Her main focus is on early stage, expansion period, incubation as well as a startup at Jana Lightspeed.

Prior to joining the venture partners, she spent her time in early-stage companies by being their investor and advisor. She also had served as a senior manager at DivX, senior manager for Global Sales.

About lightspeed

Lightspeed is a very strong, storied firm with a 20-year history that has achieved 8 IPOs within two years that include Mule Soft, Snap among others.

Mrs. Messerschmidt is therefore very glad to have found a home at Lightspeed capital venture firm as her decision was based on factors like team model, complementary skills as well as mentorship. She definitely has the required knowledge and looks like she knows what the future lays ahead in Jana lightspeed life.