Product Marketing, the Steve Lesnard Way

Steve Lesnard shows that there is a true art to marketing in today’s digital world. The social norms and followings are ever changing and so are the expectations of the public. Marketing has to adapt also with these ever changing ways and Steve Lesnard knows his own way around the wavy digital realm. Since social mediums seem to be fluid in the ways they come and go, it forces the way that we show off new products to everyone to go with the flow. Even though there are certainly benefits to the ever changing tide, when they aren’t properly leveraged, it can prove to be less productive than desirable. It seems that when a brand places the needs of consumers at the heart of everything, their strategy tends to pay off the most. A true valuable product will be able to add value too to the consumer’s own life. That’s when you know it’s a success.

Steve Lesnard teaches us two ways to simplify these marketing strategies, for those who are curious. Keep to these two simple means and you’ll be well on your way to achieving some great things in the marketing field. Firstly, less is oftentimes better than more. Keep things as simplified as possible and you can’t go wrong. Simplicity is more memorable than a bunch of noise filling empty airspace. “Get the story line right,” or so said Walt Disney. Simple enough, right? The same can be applied to any type of story you hope to build, not just in the field of animation. If you can articulate what is new and hot, in a simple and streamlined manner, then you can succeed in getting a wide consumer audience’s attention. Easier said than done, of course, but if it were easy then everyone would be doing it. Only top brands are able to pull off the simplicity model flawlessly, iPhone releases being a good example.

The second thing to keep in mind, as a lesson from Steve Lesnard, is to make something real by bringing it to life. Breathing life into something that does seem inanimate may seem like a hefty deal, even for the most pro marketers. If you’re able to bring some color, pop, and life into a more duller or mundane idea, then you are making something elevated from something typical.