Gino Pozzo – owner of the Watford Club

Gino Pozzo is one of the well-known football owners being the leader of Watford Football Club located in England and grew up around the sport with help from his two parents who were passionate fans. He obtained a masters from the prestigious Harvard University and spent many years in Barcelona before relocating to London to lead the football club. Pozzo has three children and is married. His family grew up with a deep passion for the sport of football as his father purchased a team in Italy from the profits made from his woodworking business. The family had been known for their woodworking business although after some time they got involved in owning sports teams and investing in them. His father had bought the team because he truly wanted to help them out and change the culture, and his family had been noted for their work with the organization. Under his family’s guidance, Udinese rose through the ranks to the Champions league impressively. However, Gino Pozzo is said to be the true genius of their success with his intelligence when it comes to scouting players and game planning when he joined the team in 1993. Gino has been the catalyst to a lot of success for the family as they even bought a team called Granada F.C. that was not doing well by any standards, however under Gino Pozzo’s leadership of team operations, they rose in the ranks to the Primera Liga. Gino Pozzo had acquired the team while they struggled to even get out of the third division and with a debt of $12 million on top of that. He had proven this again as he bought the Watford club, who also struggled mightily and Gino took over the club in London as he always wanted to own that team because of their play style and prominence. The article from Gazette Day closes with describing that Gino Pozzo’s passion and the ability to make key signings are what drives him to succeed as a team owner.