At the age of 24, Jojo Hedaya is already a renowned young American entrepreneur. He founded the Unroll Me Inc and currently serves as its Chief Executive Officer. Unroll me is a service that helps Email users to manage their subscriptions. This service is simple to use and efficient in reducing overload in the users’ inbox by clearing junk mails.

Apart from serving as the CEO, Jojo Hedaya is responsible for developing an effective product strategy for Unroll me Inc. Since its inception, Unroll me has acquired millions of users worldwide. It helps support various email providers including Yahoo mails, Hotmail, and Gmail. Therefore, Unroll Me is the ultimate solution for email users to organize and manage their Emails.

In a recent interview, Jojo Hedaya explains the idea generation process of the Unroll Me. It was prompted by the difficulties Hedaya experienced in communicating via Email with his close friend Josh Rosenwald. Josh could not respond to emails sent because he kept receiving many emails every morning from different people.

In most cases, he had to skim through dozens of junk emails to identify the critical messages. It led them to come up with a service that would help other email users to clean up their inboxes. In spite of not being a graduate, this did not hinder Jojo Hedaya from coming up with one of the most successful innovations. After identifying a market gap, he went ahead to develop a product to fill the gap. One of the main objectives of Jojo was to create an application that has simple features.

Jojo Hedaya has served as an inspiration to the young upcoming entrepreneurs. He has been significantly recognized for his achievements and contribution in helping manage junk emails. His resilience and determination contributed immensely in developing Unroll me.

Jojo Hedaya advises young entrepreneurs to be willing to take risks and establish good business relationships. He also encourages school dropouts that there is a chance to succeed. This is achievable if they embrace and put into practice their innovation and problem-solving capabilities.

Igor Cornelsen is On The Case

Igor Cornelsen is an expert when it comes to banking and investment. Cornelsen has been working in this industry from the year 1971 after completing his undergraduate degree. Igor Cornelsen is well versed in offering stock management advice as well as investment advice to his clientele. He is also good at providing investment advice to those people that need it. Igor Cornelsen is originally from Brazil which is where he grew up and also went to school. Igor Cornelsen attended a school in Federal University where he pursued a course in engineering. After doing the course for two years, Igor Cornelsen decided t major in economics because engineering was very difficult for him at the time. Igor Cornelsen was able to complete his degree and got his first job in 1971 working at a bank. The computing skills in banks at this time were complex for the average person, and they required individuals that had done engineering thus Igor was hired.

Igor Cornelsen’s work at Multibanco which was his first job was exemplary. He was very skilled and had the knowledge to perform computing skills. The bank put him on their board of directors just after four years which was a win for Cornelsen. Fast forward to a few years later; the bank appointed him as their chief executive officer because of his dedication and work ethic. However, when the Bank of America came in to buy Multibanco, Igor Cornelsen had to leave and look for other pastures. At this time he got a job at a bank called Unibanco, but he did not stay there for long. Igor Cornelsen then moved on to Libra Bank PLC where he was being paid in dollars for the first time ever in his career. Igor Cornelsen was able to build his career here before leaving as well. Find out more about Igor Cornelsen;