Affordable Mental Health Treatment with Talkspace and Michael Phelps

The image most typical Americans have of Michael Phelps is probably one of a confident, steady and happy champion. He participated in 4 Olympic games, winning 23 gold medals, and 28 medals overall. Talkspace has teamed up with the champion to promote mental health with a new way to access therapy from industry professionals who are certified in their field.

Michael Phelps is retired from being an Olympic athlete now and has dedicated his time since to the promotion of mental health awareness, among other things. He is the perfect spokesperson for Talkspace and mental health because even though he found an epic and unusual amount of success in his professional sporting life, he struggled much of that time with depression and anxiety. Early on in his struggles, he found it difficult to find the help he needed, but once he started opening up, he found that it is empowering, not embarrassing.

The key is communication, which for some people in this day and age, seems difficult. How will we find the time and money to go to an office to see a therapist? Enter Talkspace, a modern concept in professional mental health treatment. Therapists who work with Talkspace are licensed and vetted, with oversight from industry and academic professionals. Users can message their therapist from their computer, smartphone or tablet. Getting help has never been this affordable or easy to access.

Others are taking notice of the success of Talkspace. New Directions Behavioral Health, a healthcare company which provides services through Employee and Student aid programs with their public and private health plans, has partnered with the company to offer access to Talkspace for their clients.

This adds value to those Fortune 100 companies, employers and labor groups who utilize New Directions Behavioral Health, helping give their customers and clients the easy access to mental health care that Talkspace provides, bringing much-needed care to those who need it.

Victoria Doramus and Creative Value

Victoria Doramus knows that creative value allows for function. With a background in media communication and branding, she has created professionalism in the wake of addiction. Ms. Doramus is frank about her addictive past. She went into rehab at age 26, but suffered another relapse due to drugs. A second and later rehab stay convinced Doramus to use her education and background properly – to make a difference in her chosen professional field. She succeeded in New York City. Her professional background includes creative work with:

  • MindShare
  • Stila Cosmetics
  • Creative Arts Agency
  • Trendera
  • Personal Assistant to Peter Berg, Film Director/Producer

Victoria Doramus remains tireless in selected charity work. Philanthropy has become a primary interest within her personal life, and business model. She donates time and energy to: the Amy Winehouse Foundation, Room to Read, Best Friends Animal Society and the Women’s Prison Association.

Entrepreneurship requires time investment as well. When asked about her personal, productive entrepreneurship strategy, Ms. Doramus replied: “I carry around a hand-written “To-Do” list of everything I need to get done for the next day every night before I go to bed.”

Victoria Doramus has been a lifelong mentor of young women and girls. She draws on her addictive past for empathy. She wants young women to have self-confidence, and never waver. To love themselves. To slow down from frenetic energy. To take responsibility for mistakes. To use app and other technology to simplify their lives. And, to drink in moderation or not at all. She continues to mentor young women along with work and philanthropic concerns. A favorite quote might be: “if you spot it, you got it.”

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Ryan Seacrest: A Man Of Many Talents

To make it big in entertainment, a person needs not only talent, but also a unique drive and ambition to excel and make it to the top of their profession. In today’s Hollywood landscape, few people exemplify these traits better than Ryan Seacrest. Best known as the host of the groundbreaking reality singing show American Idol, he has become a household name over the past decade or more. However, in addition to his hosting duties on Idol, Ryan Seacrest is a man of many other talents as well.

Along with being a well-known television personality, Ryan Seacrest is also one of the most popular voices on radio. As the host of On Air with Ryan Seacrest, he finds himself with the top-rated syndicated morning-drive show, and also has a Top 40 radio show that is also extremely popular.

Following in the footsteps of other entertainment moguls such as Dick Clark, Ryan Seacrest has expanded his reach into other areas of entertainment. For starters, he is the co-host and executive producer of Live with Kelly and Ryan, a long-running talk show. And when New Year’s Eve rolls around, he can be found being the host and executive producer of Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

Despite his success in front of the camera and microphone, Ryan Seacrest also has many interests outside these areas. According to GQ, one of his most recent accomplishments has been the creation of a lifestyle business, which includes his menswear collection Distinction, as well as a men’s skincare line named Polished.

Finally, having had tremendous success himself, Ryan Seacrest has established himself as one of Hollywood’s top philanthropists, and is determined to help others realize their dreams. Through his Ryan Seacrest Foundation, he has been able to open more than 10 broadcast media centers in pediatric hospitals across the United States. And to make sure the visual and performing arts are alive and well in Los Angeles and other parts of the nation, he also spends his time serving as a board member of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, as well as the Grammy Foundation’s honorary Chairperson.

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