Hussain Sajwani,the DAMAC Owner

Hussain Sajwani is the DAMAC owner. The company aims at endowing people in the Arab zone by using its initiative “One Million Arab Coders.” This enterprise is an education program that looks forward to having a remarkable social influence on the society, by allowing one million Arabs to have the practical knowledge and skills necessary for the jobs in the future.

As an organization growing in the Arab region, DAMAC Properties has a responsibility of helping the communities around it aw sell as its people. The company has also been able to gain a lot by supporting these communities. The initiative is keen to exploit the full potential of the skills in the area through hard work and education. Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, has gone through the same path of training and hard work to attain the success that he enjoys. Additionally, he has managed to put his kids on the same route of hard work and education. Hussain is doing all these to ensure that the next generation will enjoy the fruits of sustainability as well as a better future. To ensure this, he has plans to endow the broader Arab region community.

According to, Hussain Sajwani the DAMAC owner and the foundation to be particular have always been devoted when it comes to philanthropic activities, sponsoring some institutions over the time. Some examples of Institutions that have received funding from Hussain Sajwani the DAMAC owner are Dar Al Ber Society and Emirates Red Crescent as well as Dubai Cares. Philanthropy is a vital principle ingrained in the beliefs and values of Sajwani family. With this initiative, Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Properties are confirming their efforts in promoting the vision that His Highness has for a better future. For example, Dubai cares contributed ten apartments of a value of ten million AED for public sale in support of Dubai care initiatives.

The primary goal of the foundation is being dedicated to improving education including learning. Moreover, the initiative will analyze the unmet needs that exist in the society and find ways on how they can contribute toward better livelihoods of people within the region as well as promoting sustainability through education and learning. You can also check his website for more details.

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According to an article from Medium, currently, Victoria Doramus has set her sights on philanthropy work. To improve her community, she volunteers with Room to Read, Best Friends Animal Society and the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

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Hussain Sajwani Made DAMAC Famous

Hussain Sajwani knew the right way to run his own business. He liked making sure he knew how to develop property while he was working on the business. He also knew there were things he could do that would make the properties better. By developing properties in the best way possible, Hussain Sajwani focused on the right way to help his clients have a better life. He also knew there were things that would make a huge difference in the way he did things. Thanks to his dedication, DAMAC continues getting better. The company is successful and Hussain Sajwani knows what he has to do to continue that type of success into the future. There were times when he had to make sure he was making the best decisions possible. He also wanted people to realize he could do things that would be different for everyone in the industry.

Based on the experience he had and the things he did with that experience, according to, Hussain Sajwani knew he could make a difference for all the people he worked with. Even when he came to the United States to work with Trump and his properties, Hussain Sajwani felt he was doing the best thing for his own business. DAMAC is better because of how hard he works and what he does to make things work the right way. He also believes he can do things that will have a positive impact on everyone in the community. Due to the way he does things right, Hussain Sajwani believes he is the best.

Hussain Sajwani continues making DAMAC better than it was in the past. In fact, he has huge goals for the company in the future. He plans on making sure he can help people understand what they need to do to make things better. He also feels comfortable giving back to the people he works with. Since he continues showing people the information they need to learn about the industry, he plans on making everything better for everyone he works with. It’s his goal to give back to the community while also coming up with new ideas.

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