Recent News About End Citizens Untied

First in the news about End Citizen United comes the birthday of the president and executive director, Tiffany Muller. When asked where she would spend her birthday she replied with vacationing in the Caribbean with her wife and 18 month old daughter. She was asked some other questions, among which was how she got her start in politics. She explained how she grew up in Missouri but she moved to Topeka, Kansas in her 20’s because they had a more welcoming LGBT community there. She got associated with grassroots activism there and then through hard work, became a member of the Topeka City Council, of which she was the first openly gay council member in the state.

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End Citizen Unitied made headlines again when they declared to endorse Sen. Cory Booker and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand after the two senators who stopped accepting corporate donors. End Citizen United’s president, Tiffany Muller, was quoted saying, “Senator Booker’s decision to reject corporate PAC money demonstrates his leadership in the fight to unrig the system that’s leaving too many Americans behind, End Citizens United thanks Senator Booker and looks forward to working with him to campaign reform the broken system so everyone has a voice in our democracy.” Senator Kirsten Gillibrand also did the same just a day before and she, too, won the endorsement of End Citizens United. The first senator to start releasing a daily public schedule, she was always an advocate for more transparency in the political process according to Both the senators are trying to bring down corporate sell outs in the government, which is at an all time low when it comes to trust from the people they serve. Many other democratic senators are following suit and renouncing their super PAC money. Normally, they would not be able to make it and would be fighting an uphill battle without that money, but with the help of End Citizens United and groups like it, they can raise just as much if not more money than they would have gotten from corporate support.


A Basic Understanding Of The Trabuco

What is a trabuco? A trabuco is a trebuchet and it was a premiere weapon of war during the Middle Ages. The word trabuco means trebuchet. The word trebuchet is a French word that means to overthrow or topple. These war machines arrived in Europe between 400 A.D. and 550 A.D.

Trabucos did not become popular until the times of the first crusades. Armies have been using them but they were only utilized by a few armies who understood how these magnificent machines operated. Early trabucos were complex technology during their time. Only skilled and knowledgeable engineers and soldiers could work these apparatuses.

The trabuco stood between 20 to 30 feet tall. An army could build their units as tall as they desired. The crew that operated the trabuco had to know how to assemble all of the parts of this machine. Some trabucos were mounted on wheels which made it easier for soldiers to transport and move around on the battlefield. Other trabucos had to be assembled from scratch.


The parts that were used to assemble a trabuco had to be transported in wagons. There could be as many as 30 wagons used to haul parts for one large sized trabuco. Once the unit was put together, a crew would have to fire the projectile at their enemy. Some trabucos could lunge 2000 pound rocks at enemy fortresses.

Crews would have to move heavy stones onto the sling part of the trabuco. They would have to use leverage and lots of muscle power to move the 2-ton stones into position according to Once they were positioned into the heads of the slings, they could then be released to send boulders and large bricks crashing into competitor’s defenses.

Different armies used different type of munition for their trabucos. Some used fiery pitch and others hurled dead bodies and even chopped off human heads into a defender’s position. They also loaded the trabucos up with darts that would litterly scatter into the air over an enemy position. Then it would fall like a cloud of arrows down onto the people and their fortifications. The trabuco became a primary weapon of war during the crusade era according to However, by the beginning of the 1500s they had started to go out style. Many armies back then were switching over to the use of gun powder and cannons.

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