Hussain Sajwani and the DAMAC Group

Hussain Sajwani also was known as Donald Trump of the Middle East, is the Founding Chairman of Dubai-based luxury real estate developer DAMAC Group, which he founded in 2002.

He graduated from the University of Washington with two Bachelor’s degrees in Industrial Engineering and Economics in 1981, then later started his career as a Contracts Manager in GASCO, a subsidiary company of ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company).

After a year in GASCO, he established his own business, Draieh General Trading Company and in 1982 started his catering venture.

The DAMAC owner started out in the food services business, catering to the U.S military and construction giant Betchel. As Dubai allowed foreigners to own property in 2001, the DAMAC owner shifted to real estate where he sold units in a residential building in less than six months. As a result of his expertise and gift of practical insight, the DAMAC owner grew certainly to be one of the pioneers of Dubai’s property market expansion in the 1990s. These skills certainly contributed to DAMAC Group becoming one of the biggest property developments in the Middle East soon after it was founded in 2002.

DAMAC group is the UAE Company most often associated with glitzy property developments, eye-catching marketing stunts (“a free Bentley with every luxury apartment”) and most recently, exciting golf course projects with Donald Trump.

The DAMAC owner is hoping to enhance his business ties with Donald Trump’s real estate firm. The Trump Organization is looking forward to investing in the desert kingdom of Dubai. The two real estate tycoons who celebrated New Year’s Eve together have been in collaboration with the Trump International Golf Club, where luxury villas have summed up almost $2 billion in sales. He prides in expected enhanced business deals with the president-elect in the days to come.

Hussain is also an active philanthropist who has given to many charitable causes and organizations such as the initiative launched by the Ruler of Dubai to provide support to disadvantaged children around the globe. He wrote a check for AED 2 million which was enough money to provide clothing for over 50,000 children.


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Ronald Fowlkes Helps To Create Some Of The Best Military And SWAT Team Gear In The World

For more than 20 years, Ronald Fowlkes has helped to develop and deliver some of the world’s best quality gear for departments that work in the security sector. He previously served with the IWT Group in the capacity of dealing with its sales and development of its business, and he now works with Eagle Industries as its Manager of Business Development. He also works with FirstSpear as its Director of Business Development. His main duties revolve around him working with professionals within Law Enforcement and Military departments to better understand how to market the creative designs of the First Spears Product Development Group.


Ronald Fowlkes writes many different articles that he publishes on his Medium account, and these articles represent his many varied interests. As a coach of a youth league and a avid hockey fan, he has published some interesting articles related to hockey including one about how “Jeff Glass Finally Gets to the NHL,” and another asking the question “Is Fighting Becoming Obsolete in NHL?” In the latter article, he puts a spotlight on how fighting has always been a tradition in the NHL and how it is, unfortunately, losing its potency and effectiveness in the sport.


Ronald Fowlkes got started in the business he is in now during a time when he was working with the U.S. Marine Corps. During those days he kept recognizing FirstSpear’s gear in the equipment him and his partners were using. He noticed that it was brilliantly designed and that it managed to survive the heavy use it received. He went on to join the SWAT team in St. Louis and realized that it was using a lot of the same equipment. This is when he decided to learn more about the company that was based in his hometown. He now uses his first-hand knowledge about the equipment made by FirstSpear to sell it to others.


Ronald Fowlkes brings ideas to life through working with his team, and, in fact, he has always believed in the power of teamwork. His business development team works very closely with local and state law enforcement as well as the DOD to ensure that the equipment they create meets the necessary requirements. He has commented on the fact that many of the ideas used to build their equipment comes directly from people who have actually used it in the field. He accredits his company’s internal Research and Development team with taking the requirements that need to be met and creating the kind of equipment that does so. Ronald Fowlkes looks forward to continuing to help to create some of the best equipment in the world.


Frontera Fund: Supporting the DACA

A recent article on is discussing the new threats that have been launched against the DACA program. The DACA program, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, was established by the Obama administration in 2012 but was rescinded by the Trump administration in late 2017. The purpose of this act was to allow individuals who came to the United States as minors to receive deferred action on deportation and a work permit. This would allow them to hold down jobs and get a better education. The system is renewable and as of 2017, there are over 800,000 individuals that benefit from the program.

At this time, Congress has called for a stay on the action and has recommended a phase-out, instead of outright ending the program. The DACA program has only bolstered the living conditions of immigrants. It has been pointed out that in a lot of ways, it has reduced the number of illegal immigrants living in poverty and increased the wages earned by that sector of the population. Members have seen a chance to increase their own personal circumstance in ways that they never deemed possible. In fact, many explain that the DACA offers no major drawbacks and instead helps the economy in a meaningful way. The annihilation of the DACA program will be a huge setback for the immigrant population.

Even though there has been a call for the end of the DACA program, it does not mean that DREAMers or their supporters should give up. There is still much that can be done to help fight against this push against the DREAMers. The writer urges people to organize with the same ferocity that they organized with at the beginning of the movement. A vigor that resulted in the DACA program in the first place. There is always more that can be done, and giving up now would only rush the DACA program to an early demise.

One of the funds that help make programs like this possible is the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. This fund was started with the expressed purpose of helping the migrant population of Arizona. Founders Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin founded the Frontera Fund with the proceeds of a massive court case they won against the police department of Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona. The settlement was issued after Lacey and Larkin were arrested in their homes for information that they had published in their newspaper, The Phoenix New Times. The journalist were pulled from their houses in a blatant violation of their human rights in October of 2007 and held for an extended amount of time.

After a huge public outcry, they were released and immediately filed their suit. Now they have dedicated the $3.7 million they won towards advancing the interests of another group that has felt the oppression of Sheriff Arpaio, the migrant population. It is the hope of Larkin and Lacey that individuals should never have to worry about their rights being violated because of who they are. The DACA program is just one of many that work the help the migrant population, and the Frontera Fund backs it enthusiastically.