Securus Technologies Helping Officers Keep Order

Each day that I arrive at the local jail to start my day as a corrections officer, I realize I could be injured or worse by inmates who have become more violent towards authority in recent years. Not only do we have inmates who are serving long sentences and have nothing to lose, but we have young gang members who want to impress their group by showing they have no fear. Being outnumbered and in such a volatile situation makes it difficult to maintain order some days, but technology has given us help in the most unlikely ways.


Over the years my team has been able to make use of the latest technology to secure our facility. The scanners we now use in the visitor center have significantly reduced the amount of contraband brought to the jail by way of guests. These guests are warned before they enter our facility they will be scanned, and many decide it is not worth jail time getting caught trying to pass something to the inmates. These body scanners are also used on the inmates so they can not being anything to the visitor center or take something to their cells after the interaction with guests.


Securus Technologies helped us to tighten down security even further. This company released a call monitoring system used in jails to listen to what the inmates say while using the house phones. The big difference here is that officers are no longer needed to manually listen to calls, the LBS software does the scanning of every second of every call. If an inmate is talking about weapons, about drug use, or about gang issues, the software notifies an officer on the spot.


This latest technology has finally given officers the ability to tighten up security inside the jail and make it a safer place for anyone who has to spend a second behind these walls.