Richard Mishaan Design – Grand Touch Of Class

Richard Mishaan Design can be described as a grand touch of class. The firm has become one of the most attended for a high-quality Architectural and the Interior design piece of work in the New York. Richard Mishaan Design is widely recognized for luxury interiors that are well mixed with the vintage pieces. Also, you can get decorative objects and curated antiques with clear colors and designs in the company’s portfolio. Since Mishaan has been systematically highlighted in several publications from the Architectural Digest, Interior Design Magazines to Elle Décor, it is not surprising that his company is the most dependable choice for a lovely house creation.


Having been bred and Born in Cartagena, Columbia and partially brought up in Italy and Bogota, Richard Mishaan accredits his inspiration and style from his childhood memories of the colored cities of Colombia. He started his career by training in the Philip Johnson offices after acquiring a BA from the New York University and the Columbia University School of Architecture.


The presidential room of the St. Regis building Hotel was his first interior job in the New York City. He was assigned to design the interior suite to reflect its class, a task that he did to perfection. Since then, Richard Mishaan’s profession has been rising. He has been well suited for home design and hotels.


Richard Mishaan Design is linked to the most interior work such as the Trump World Towers and the Shelburne Hotel. Mishaan’s sharp eye for particulars, combined with more than 25 years of knowledge accumulation enables Richard Mishaan Design to be an authentic company for the innovation of advanced, stylish and elegant hotel and interior home designs.


Richard Mishaan has written two books, which include the Artfully Modern and the Modern Luxury. Both of them are issued by the Monacelli Press, a Random House division. The Artfully Modern was published in November 2014.