Jana Messerschmidt

About her life

Jana is a married woman who is blessed with a three-year-old daughter. She hails from San Francisco. Jana underwent her studies at the University of Illinois and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering in 2001. She has a great passion for event hosting, community building, and network diversification.

Her career and role at lightspeed

Mrs. Messerschmidt works both as a member of the consumer investing team at Lightspeed firm, its headquarters based at West Coast, and a partner as well. Lightspeed is a venture firm that looks at the early stage investment in both the technology field as well as the enterprise one.

Aside from that, she is also Angel’s founding partner, and at Netflix, she is the director for business development. It was in 2015 that Jana Lightspeed co-founded Angels, with the aim of getting more women on the tables of very successful startups. Ever since that time, she has supported ambitious people that pursue ideas over many industries which include, RIVAL, CARTA, VECTOR SPACE, BIRD among others.

Being the investor, her portfolio involves consumer, technology, cleantech markets as well as enterprise. Her main focus is on early stage, expansion period, incubation as well as a startup at Jana Lightspeed.

Prior to joining the venture partners, she spent her time in early-stage companies by being their investor and advisor. She also had served as a senior manager at DivX, senior manager for Global Sales.

About lightspeed

Lightspeed is a very strong, storied firm with a 20-year history that has achieved 8 IPOs within two years that include Mule Soft, Snap among others.

Mrs. Messerschmidt is therefore very glad to have found a home at Lightspeed capital venture firm as her decision was based on factors like team model, complementary skills as well as mentorship. She definitely has the required knowledge and looks like she knows what the future lays ahead in Jana lightspeed life.


Product Marketing, the Steve Lesnard Way

Steve Lesnard shows that there is a true art to marketing in today’s digital world. The social norms and followings are ever changing and so are the expectations of the public. Marketing has to adapt also with these ever changing ways and Steve Lesnard knows his own way around the wavy digital realm. Since social mediums seem to be fluid in the ways they come and go, it forces the way that we show off new products to everyone to go with the flow. Even though there are certainly benefits to the ever changing tide, when they aren’t properly leveraged, it can prove to be less productive than desirable. It seems that when a brand places the needs of consumers at the heart of everything, their strategy tends to pay off the most. A true valuable product will be able to add value too to the consumer’s own life. That’s when you know it’s a success.

Steve Lesnard teaches us two ways to simplify these marketing strategies, for those who are curious. Keep to these two simple means and you’ll be well on your way to achieving some great things in the marketing field. Firstly, less is oftentimes better than more. Keep things as simplified as possible and you can’t go wrong. Simplicity is more memorable than a bunch of noise filling empty airspace. “Get the story line right,” or so said Walt Disney. Simple enough, right? The same can be applied to any type of story you hope to build, not just in the field of animation. If you can articulate what is new and hot, in a simple and streamlined manner, then you can succeed in getting a wide consumer audience’s attention. Easier said than done, of course, but if it were easy then everyone would be doing it. Only top brands are able to pull off the simplicity model flawlessly, iPhone releases being a good example.

The second thing to keep in mind, as a lesson from Steve Lesnard, is to make something real by bringing it to life. Breathing life into something that does seem inanimate may seem like a hefty deal, even for the most pro marketers. If you’re able to bring some color, pop, and life into a more duller or mundane idea, then you are making something elevated from something typical.

Matthew Fleeger contribution to the mineral industry

His role and operations of his firm

Matthew Fleeger holds an executive role at Gulf Coast Western. The firm is handling the operations of oil and gas collaborations. Their main objective is to research, improve and purchase oil and gas reserves. The company looks for ventures which have return ability and analyzed risks to its clients. Gulf Coast Western is looking forward to improving the production ability with additional PUD-designated wells. However, they are planning to build workover wells in the region. The firm concentrates on researching and leasing acquisitions operations. They are also planning to diversify their activity to other areas in the country.

His career background and awards

Gulf Coast Western has transacted over a thousand partnerships countrywide. In each business, there is an activity that took place. Matthew Fleeger was awarded for his efforts and contribution to society. He is popularly known for his skills in waste management, tanning firms and oil and gas. By being efficient in team building and strategic planning, he has been able to succeed in the market. Previously, he owned and formed MedSolutions. It is a firm which focuses on transport, disposal, and treatment of medical waste. The waste originates from health firms, and he served in the company for more than a decade.

His education background and contribution to the tanning industry

After the firm became successful, Matthew Fleeger sold it to Stericycle. He has been a prosperous businessman in the tanning sector. In this aspect, he assisted some ventures which were a startup to generate millions in revenue. For instance, he transformed a six-store activity to become one of the leading tanning operations nationally. He pursued his studies from the Southern Methodist University where he graduated with a degree in business administration. Later, he was able to execute his skills in the top positions of oil and gas firms. Through his passion for minerals, he was able to build his mineral venture.

How to interact with today’s Technology – Robert Deignan

Robert Deignan is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a place he was born and attended the Purdue University on a full football scholarship until 1995 when he received his bachelor’s degree in Business Management. In 1998, Robert co-founded his first entrepreneurial venture called Fanlink. Several years after graduating, Robert became the Executive Vice President at the iS3 for a period of 9 years. He never left his love for sports behind and still participates in the offshore fishing competitions to date. This is after he co-founded the notable ATS Digital Services and now holds the position of Chief Executive Officer in this company. This company is a one-stop-shop for all the digital and technological concerns, be it connectivity or general purchasing of gadgets, they offer their services remotely to their clients.

Robert has shared some of the tips for maintaining a healthy relationship with the current technology. He says that technology is the main reason why he started the ATS Digital Services, to help consumers with many common tech problems today. He has continued to serve millions of customers with the sophisticated knowledge of remote troubleshooting. This has made the company to grow at a higher rate. Despite the great wonders technology brings about in our lives, it has its downsides too.

Robert urges people to be aware of the effects that come along with being addicted to technology. This way, it will help you take control of your habits in technology and make yourself more productive. The pivotal step that made Robert create his company was making sure he is the one dictating his relationship with the current technology instead of letting it take over.

Robert continues to say that technology changes the way the brain works. This is because of a lot of distractions that comes along with it, including text messages, emails, and different updates. This makes the human brain to pay more attention to new information in a different perspective than when reading. Therefore, one should not stare at their devices all day, but try to get information in other ways, reading included. One needs to take full control of his relationship with technology and do everything in moderation.


Louis Chenevert, Building Business Through Innovation and Leadership

There are numerous businesses that existed several years ago but are no longer operating nowadays. Indeed, the success of a business is not only measured by the profits that it makes today but by its capability to succeed in the long run. As a leader and businessman, Louis Chenevert knows that integrating innovation in the business allows the organization to have a competitive advantage in the market dynamics. As a leader, Louis was well aware that it is his obligation to learn about the latest innovative technologies in the market, implement it, and enhance its functionality to the organization.

For several years, countless manufacturing companies in the US are slowly crumbling. This decline has a massive impact on the economy of the country. The economy stales, employees lose their jobs, and the whole corporation falls. But, this scenario has been prevented and avoided by the United Technology Corporation because of the leadership of Louis Chenevert. The company remains competitive and growing without having to change its location or do extreme measures to stay afloat.

Who is Louis R. Chênevert?

He is the chief executive officer and the chairman of the United Technologies Corporation. In April 2008, he was elected as the President and chief executive officer. He was later named Chairman in January 2010. Since March 2006, Chenevert held the position of president and chief executive officer while serving as the Director of the company at the same time.

Before his career at United Technologies Corporation, he was the president at Pratt and Whitney. His career with the firm started in 1993 while his leadership began in April 1999 until Mach 2006. Prior to this, he worked with General Motors for 14 years. He was the production manager of the company in its operation in St. Therese.

Louis Chênevert studied at the Université de Montréal, École des Hautes Etudes Commerciales and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Commerce major in Production Management. He is also the chairman of the advisory of HEC Montreal’s International as well as the founding director and chairman of the board of directors of Friends of HEC Montreal.

Louis Chênevert was sworn in as a Fellow of the AIAA or the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics in 2005.


The Education The Academy Of Art University Has To Offer

The Academy of Art University is located in San Francisco, California and offers students an array of programs in the art field. This university is well known for crafting the mind of some most legendary artists of this generation. From acting to advertising to communications to visual effects to fashion to graphic design to industrial design to motion pictures, this acclaimed university has so many programs to offer to students. Since 1929, this school has educated and trained so many different creative people. The university allows students to tap into their creative and intellectual abilities at the same time.

Academy of Art University believes their university is for anyone who has passion and commitment to be trained and educated within a creative discipline. They believe that it is not only talent that will help someone succeed. In fact, the school believes that mostly it is hard work that will allow a student to succeed at their school. The school is still primarily ran by the founders’ granddaughter. This family ran institution still prides itself on training up the next great generation of artists who want to inspire and change the world around them.

The campus is set in San Francisco. Being set in a city like San Francisco allows students to embrace the community alongside their education. The education from this university expands pass the borders of the buildings and out into the community of the city. The school offers a professional environment in the classroom. They want their students to understand failure is apart of the process and how failure is apart of ultimately succeeding. Resident halls, studios, sport fields and classrooms allow students to both learn and enjoy campus life and welcoming community of San Francisco. All of these environments work together to provide students an enjoyable educational experience.

NBA Superstar Cooperates with Boraie Development to Transform Newark’s Real Estate

In 2018, Shaquille O’Neal, a former basketball superstar collaborated with Boraie Development LLC to establish a skyline that would leave a significant mark in Newark, O’Neal’s hometown.

In line with the announcement, Shaquille O’Neal disclosed that the 22-story building, branded as ‘Shaq Towers’ will have 168 residential units, and its construction would cost over $79 million.

The luxury skyline is a joint project between Goldman Sachs, O’Neal, Boraie Development, and the state of New Jersey. Furthermore, O’Neal publicized that he was looking to develop another 350-unit apartment in New Jersey.

Shaquille O’Neal’s project will be managed by Boraie Development, a prominent real estate firm which operates in the New Jersey and other parts of the United States. The real estate firm has developed and managed multiple residential, commercial, and retail apartments in New Jersey.

For instance, the prominent real estate firm manages The Aspire, an iconic apartment located in New Brunswick. The apartment building has over 200 fully-furnished spacious studios, one bedroom, and two bedroom layouts.

Into the bargain, the luxury residential apartment has a state of the art gym, a rooftop garden, a BBQ space, and a residents club. It is strategically located near a railway station, a hospital, and a trading centre.

Gino Pozzo – owner of the Watford Club

Gino Pozzo is one of the well-known football owners being the leader of Watford Football Club located in England and grew up around the sport with help from his two parents who were passionate fans. He obtained a masters from the prestigious Harvard University and spent many years in Barcelona before relocating to London to lead the football club. Pozzo has three children and is married. His family grew up with a deep passion for the sport of football as his father purchased a team in Italy from the profits made from his woodworking business. The family had been known for their woodworking business although after some time they got involved in owning sports teams and investing in them. His father had bought the team because he truly wanted to help them out and change the culture, and his family had been noted for their work with the organization. Under his family’s guidance, Udinese rose through the ranks to the Champions league impressively. However, Gino Pozzo is said to be the true genius of their success with his intelligence when it comes to scouting players and game planning when he joined the team in 1993. Gino has been the catalyst to a lot of success for the family as they even bought a team called Granada F.C. that was not doing well by any standards, however under Gino Pozzo’s leadership of team operations, they rose in the ranks to the Primera Liga. Gino Pozzo had acquired the team while they struggled to even get out of the third division and with a debt of $12 million on top of that. He had proven this again as he bought the Watford club, who also struggled mightily and Gino took over the club in London as he always wanted to own that team because of their play style and prominence. The article from Gazette Day closes with describing that Gino Pozzo’s passion and the ability to make key signings are what drives him to succeed as a team owner.

Heather Parry Establishes Career At The Nexus Of Movies And Music

Heather Parry has been in the music industry throughout the course of her professional career. She began at MTV where she stayed for about 12 years before moving on to Happy Madison Productions. She is now at Live Nation Productions where she is the president. She says she absolutely loves working at this production studio because it brings together her love of music and film.

Heather Parry

She has produced a number of documentaries at Live Nation Productions about famous musicians. Among the movies Heather Parry has produced are a film about Lady Gaga, “Gaga: Five Foot Two”, and one about Puff Daddy and Bad Boy Records, “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop”. She also produced a movie directed by Colin Hanks that was about Eagles of Death Music and their return to Paris after a concert they held there was attacked by a terrorist in 2015.

The latest film Heather Parry has helped get produce is “A Star is Born”. When she found out that Bradley Cooper would be acting and directing in this film she really wanted Live Nation Productions. She pitched his agent to get involved. After a series of meetings and showing how her studio could handle media marketing, she was gratified to become a part of the production of this movie.

Heather Parry says that her list of industry contacts is one of her greatest strengths in the industry. She started developing this list when she was at MTV news. She began at this organization when she was 22 years old and over time eventually became the west coast bureau chief. Since that time she has become very well-known in the industry and knows just about everybody including musicians, actors, directors, producers, and more.

Find out more about Heather Parry: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1009782/

Sam Jejurikar Does Many Procedures In Dallas And Around The World

Sam Jejurikar attended Michigan University and then got his residency in Dallas. He learned under some great plastic surgeons in Dallas, and he now runs his practice with both surgeries and non-surgical procedures. He helps patients in his office and in the operating room, which isn’t far away. His staff is like family to him, and they all work together to help their patients get the care they want. Sam Jejurikar takes his time talking with each of his patients and listening to what they want to have done before he suggests a procedure.

Sam Jejurikar has known since he was young that he wanted to be a surgeon, but it wasn’t until college that he was inspired to be a plastic surgeon. In his classes there, he realized how much he could change someone’s life by doing this kind of surgery work. And, he still gets a thrill out of each surgery that he does because of how it can change the way someone looks.

Sam Jejurikar is also excited about procedures that don’t require surgery because they are easier on patients. And he is happy with modern technology because it allows his patients to get through surgeries without needing much recovery time. And, he also cares about helping people around the world get the care that they need, and he has traveled to other countries to repair cleft palates and more. He wants to be there for those who desperately need care, and although he is a busy man, he takes time for traveling to help others often.